Why Should I Use The Paraplanning House?


A financial adviser does not become an adviser to sit in their office writing reports. Why not pass this onto a specialist paraplanner who can complete the research and prepare the report for you.


In a highly regulated and competitive arena, every financial adviser must provide compliant evidence to back up their recommendations. In reality this means a lot of time spent researching different markets and products, analysing client data and the preparation of detailed and often complex reports. If an adviser cannot provide this, their competitors will, and importantly the Financial Services Authority expect it.


We provide flexibility to allow the adviser to pick and choose the amount of assistance we provide, tailoring our services to meet their exact requirements.


What Makes The Paraplanning House Different?


The Paraplanning House was formed by Alyson Brown who has worked not only as a paraplanner but also as an IFA. This experience ensures that the reports are sales driven, client friendly, accurate and compliant.


A good paraplanner knows the details of the products they are recommending, an excellent paraplanner understands how an adviser needs to translate this to meet the wants and needs of their clients.


Why is a client driven report beneficial to you? A wordy, jargon filled, technical report might be accurate but for your clients to feel comfortable it also has to be easily readable.


It is this emphasis that makes The Paraplanning House different.


Does The Paraplanning House give financial advice?


We do not give advice and are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. We do not forget that at all stages it is you who is giving the advice, we just put your advice into words.


How Would This Work In Practice?


You email us with the relevant information you hold on your client, for example fact finds, meeting notes and portfolio summaries, and advise us of your requirements.


If we need more information from you we will contact you, or (with your agreement) we can contact product providers on your behalf.


We then complete your research and/or reports and email these back to you.

Any timescales for completion would be agreed at the outset.


To give you additional security and confidence you will always have the personal email and contact number of your assigned paraplanner.


Dependent on your location we offer an in-house paraplanning service. If you wish to find out more about this service please contact us.


What Are Your Charges?


Every adviser, every client and every report is different. Therefore The Pararplanning House does not work on a fixed fee menu approach. This is not fair to you or to us.


All work is completed on a fixed fee basis.


Any fees would be agreed prior to our commencing any work on your behalf.

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